Welcome to Cozy Covers

My blankets are high quality and made
of the softest material. Some say
they are the best you can find!

Our baby blankets can be customized with Precious Monents, Sesame Street, Poo Bear, Spiderman, and several others. We also get requests for men and can make blankets for wild life, football, baseball, or golfing designs.

The choice is yours, so call me today at: (651) 720-1178 for your specialized blanket, and start cuddling with
your special someone.

Community Service

Before I started Cozy Covers, I made and
donated all my receiving blankets to hospitals
and to young moms that couldn't afford blankets
for their new borns when they were bringing them home from the hospital.

I also worked with Animal Rescue units and supplied 30 dogs with new winter coats
and blankets to travel with for adoption.